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Three pearls of the Seychelles

An oasis of perpetual warmth to the west of the Indian Ocean… Travelers from all over the world dream of visiting Seychelles. Begin your unforgettable adventure from three most beautiful islands.

An oasis of perpetual warmth to the west of the Indian Ocean… Travelers from all over the world dream of visiting Seychelles. Begin your unforgettable adventure from three most beautiful islands.

Incredible North

When approaching this amazing place, one can notice a large cross on the hillside. Long ago it was a beacon for the wandering ships: people made a fire nearby so that it could be seen well from a distance. Travelers aimed to reach the island as they could find sweet water and shelter there. The first building to appear there was a coconut oil workshop. This product still being one of the symbols of the island will become an awesome souvenir for your loved ones. You can also keep it as a memento: the exotic scent of coconut oil will remind of a wonderful journey.

There are 140 islanders living on North Island. All of them are a big tight-knit family: they have even their own village on the island. The dwellers work at the luxury hotel North Island Resort consisting of 11 villas, each of which has unique design. The hotel features excellent SPA facilities, during procedures staff employs medicinal herbs, which grow on the island. They cook home-style dishes for the guests using high-quality natural food. In the wine cellar one may taste sophisticated wines. Visit North and sunrise over the ocean pleasing to the eye in the mornings will stand out in your memory forever…

Praslin: the best SPA in the Seychelles

The best way to get to Praslin Island is to take a private helicopter: luxury and comfort will imbue a trip. Raffles Praslin is one of the few hotels equipped with their own helipad. The hotel is also renowned for the largest SPA center in the Seychelles with an area of 1,234 sq m. It is a paradise for all those who wish to have a vacation good for their health. Furthermore, there is an interesting turtle site on the hotel premises. Turtles live there and gladden hotel guests: every morning workers bring fruits and vegetables and guests may feed turtles this food. The locals have a tradition to give a little turtle to a kid on his or her birthday and they will grow up together. Unfortunately, people often do not care properly for these nice creatures and do not tend to their needs or even abandon them. The hotel employees save abandoned animals, cure and surround them with warmth and coziness. Guests of the island can also take care of the turtles and it is a great enjoyment! Among other amusements, hotel guests may avail themselves an offer to play petanque – a traditional and very interesting French game.

Mahé: invaluable experience

MAIA Hotel is located on the biggest and main island of the Seychelles – Mahé. Everything is done there with love: a guest feels care as soon as he or she steps across a threshold. 200 employees from 12 countries of the world create something more than just a service, something that cannot be measured. It is invaluable experience that stays in the heart of a person that saw such beauty. There is a tradition to greet people with a symbolic gesture: right hand is put over the heart and it means: we convey care and love. Project Designer Bill Bensley left beauty of exotic forest untouched; currently it numbers more than 200 different species of plants. Hotel facilities comprise 30 unique villas. If you choose villa on the hill, you will get a lovely view. In addition, Maia hotel is famous for its SPA where all the massages were elaborated by special Jari Menari massage training school in Indonesia.

Journey full of comfort

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