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First time abroad: advice by a blogger

Turkey is a perfect country for a beginner traveller.

It provides cheap flights, picturesque nature and special local atmosphere. How to arrange a trip properly so that to get a lot of good memories?

The story is by Borys LYSAK, a traveller, founder of a travel community New Way

Choose a Route

One needs to get acquainted with the country with the most popular places, and then move inward. When I mapped out all most interesting locations, I realized that they make up a perfect circle closing up in Ankara. And there are even direct regular flights from Kyiv to Ankara for some 100 euro both ways! As a result, the route was as follows: Ankara – Salt Lake Tuz – Cappadocia – Antalya – Oludeniz – Lake Salda – Pamukkale – Istanbul – Ankara. If you are flying to Turkey for the first time, or you preferred to spend your holiday on the beach, then this route is perfect for you. Here you will find crater lakes resembling those in Maldives, volcano-burnt land of Cappadocia with its Martian landscapes, wonderful canyons, Armenian high land comparable with the Alpine ridges, and the oldest settlements in the world. Add almost perfect roads and cheap flights – and you will get a perfect combination for an unforgettable journey.

Way of Traveling 

The best way to discover this picturesque country is by a rented car. The main advantage of it is that you can see plenty of beautiful places literally within one trip to Turkey. You may be taking photos at the fantastic salt lake at lunch time, and then find yourself enjoying the most beautiful sunset in Cappadocia, or flying on a hot air balloon above the volcanoes in the morning, and then bathing in a warm sea in the evening. Such whirl of activities makes you feel as if you live a whole month within a week! The only trouble that may face a beginner in such a tour is timing. If you have a return ticket, you should plan the trip beforehand and follow it. Otherwise, you will lack time to move around the country. So I advise to rent an apartment well in advance so that not to waste time on searching the place to stay after arrival.

Plan B

If you feel that you cannot arrange a trip on your own, then you can rely on professionals who will make up an exclusive tour according to your preferences. The advantage of such tour is that you may find new friends as mostly the tours are for a group of people. I know from my own experience that it`s quite a thing to induce friends to some adventure and if you fail, you will end up traveling alone or postpone a trip. And in case of a customized tour, you will have a group of like-minders. Moreover, most of such trips are oriented on the specific audience (young people, entrepreneurs, girls, etc.) Most likely, you will find a group close in spirit.